I think my child has Special Educational Needs (SEN)

What can I do?

You clearly have concerns about your child’s progress but:

  • Have you spoken to your child’s school about your concerns?

  • Do you know how the school works with children who may have special educational needs?

  • Does your child have an individual provision map/passport/individual education plan (each school will have their own method of documenting a child’s needs)?

Who should you speak to in school?

The first person to speak to is probably your child’s class teacher or form tutor. You might want to do this at a parents evening or make a separate appointment to see them.

If you want to, you could ask for the meeting setting out what it is you want to discuss, for example:


Dear …

I would like to arrange to see you in school next week to talk about child’s progress. I do not feel that child is reading as well as his sister did at the same age and would be grateful for an opportunity to discuss this with you.

I can be available during the morning/after school/at lunchtime, etc. and can be contacted on...

Yours sincerely


We would recommend that you make this request via email, copying in the school SENCO.

If you do not get a reply within 2 school days of the request, send another this time also copying in the Headteacher and info@patt.org.uk