Working with PATT

PATT Permission Form

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Young Person Permission Form

YP Permission Form Front.png

Family Views

Family Views Guidance

Before completing the Family Views document, please take at look at the guidance document which will offer prompts and suggestions.

Family Views - How to complete.png

Family Views Document

Please complete this document if starting the EHCP process or if you feel the family views information in your child/young person's EHCP is significantly out of date.
You do not need to complete this document for every annual review.  Please complete the annual review document below.

Family Views - Sept 2021.png

Child / Young Person and Family Views for Annual Review

To be completed before each annual review

Family Views for Annual Review.png

SEN Support

SEN Support

Further Information

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School Meeting Guidance

Hints and Tips on requesting a meeting

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School Meeting Checklist

A useful checklist/agenda to send to the school before a meeting

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One Page Profiles

How to Write a One Page Profile

How to create a OnePP pic.png

One Page Profile Example - Billy

OnePP Example Billy pic.png

One Page Profile Example - Mia

OnePP Example Mia pic.png

One Page Profile Example - Jessenia

OnePP Example Jessenia pic.png

One Page Profile Example - Mikey

Mikey Template - Front Page.png

One Page Profile Template

Template 1 Front.png

One Page Profile Template - Early Years

Early Years Template Front.png

All About Me

Resources for creating a SEN Support profile or giving child/young person's views for EHCP Needs assessments and Annual Reviews.

Sensory Checklist

Sensory Checklist Thumb.png

Circles of Support

Circles of Support Thumb.png

MTA - Favourite Things

MTA Favourite Things Thumb.png

MTA - Good Day / Bad Day

MTA Good Day Bad Day Thumb.png

MTA - Important To / Important For

MTA Important to Important For Thumb.png

MTA - Me

MTA Me Thumb.png

MTA - What I Like About Myself

MTA What I Like about myself Thumb.png

MTA - What Others Like About Me

MTA What others like about me Thumb.png

MTA - What's Working Well

MTA What's Working Well Thumb.png

Anger Map

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Preparing for Adulthood

Preparing for Adulthood - Pre 16

PfA Pre 16.png

Preparing for Adulthood - Post 16

PfA Post 16.png