What is a SEN Support Profile?

The SEN Support Profile (SSP) is the collection of worksheets and “All About Me” information which is used to create a One Page Profile.  Using the principles of Person Centred Planning (see www.helensandersonassociates.co.uk),  we aim to build a comprehensive picture of the child/young person which should result in more effective planning and support to meet their needs.

Whilst we appreciate that schools will have their own methods of cataloguing and monitoring a child’s SEN needs, a SEN Support Profile is parent/child/young person led and is the perfect tool for encouraging co-production between home and school.

The idea is that the One Page Profile is the document that is used and referred to on a daily basis and the additional worksheets which provide a more comprehensive picture of the C/YP are on hand to use as a tool to review the C/YP’s progress or give insight into the behaviour that they may be displaying.  They can be used to keep teaching/support staff updated on current obsessions/difficulties and strategies used to support them.

It is the perfect way to ensure positive transitions between classes and schools.

The SSP can also be used to complete the All About Me section of an EHCP.

We have a range of worksheets which cover social, emotional and sensory issues.  You can download and use as many or as few as you feel is appropriate to build a comprehensive picture of your child/young person.   We can also offer advice and strategies to support children who have difficulty or unable to verbalise their views.

You can find resources to complete a SEN Support Profile here.

PATT holds regular workshops on SEN Support Profiles and other issues, for further information and to book online click here.